// // Thumbnails // -------------------------------------------------- // Mixin and adjust the regular image class .thumbnail { display: block; padding: @thumbnail-padding; margin-bottom: @line-height-computed; line-height: @line-height-base; background-color: @thumbnail-bg; border: 1px solid @thumbnail-border; border-radius: @thumbnail-border-radius; .transition(border .2s ease-in-out); > img, a > img { &:extend(.img-responsive); margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } // Add a hover state for linked versions only a&:hover, a&:focus, a&.active { border-color: @link-color; } // Image captions .caption { padding: @thumbnail-caption-padding; color: @thumbnail-caption-color; } } 国产呦萝小初合集,久久香蕉国产线看观看乱码,俄罗斯破女处视频免费观看

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